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About Us


Dora Weisspapir

BA, CNP, Birth Doula

Dora is a Certified Nutritionist and Birth Doula practicing in Toronto, Canada, and also offers distance programs online. She is passionate about women’s wellness and specializes in preconception, prenatal and postpartum wellness as well as labor and delivery. As a mama to a 1.5 year-old, Dora knows how difficult it can be to know what food options are safe, how to portion certain ingredients, and very importantly, what a struggle it can be to grow, accept and be at peace with an ever-changing body.

Dora's approach is not just prescribing meal plans but connecting with each of her clients on a personal level. Pregnancy is a deeply sacred journey, each woman is different, choosing the proper herbs, foods, and lifestyle habits heavily depends on each individual. Her programs specifically look at the connection between mind and body as one whole rather than two separate systems. 

She digs deep into family history, diet, sleep, exercise, and both your emotional and physical environment to offer the best and most accurate care to guide your pregnancy journey. Discovering this information allows Dora to have a better idea of potential physical or emotional conditions that could arise during pregnancy or after birth. 

Dora believes that all women can have a healthy and peaceful pregnancy if they take the right steps to better their mental and physical wellbeing through the power of diet, lifestyle, and inner work. Her passion is to put you on the right track to a healthier future for you and your babe; to give you the tools and techniques to feel in control of your emotional and physical body. 

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